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How to stop using Eneco Services

  • 24 december 2013
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Good day,
Can anybody advice what is contact e-mail of Eneco Services to be able to stop Eneco services, since I left Holland to live abroad. Was sendig form, but everytime I am being asked to log in again, what is pretty much becoming anoying.

If anybody have any tips, please send to e-mail
Thank you in advance.


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I'ts not good to place your e-mail on a open-forum.
A moderator wil delete is on friday after X-mas.
Now you have found this forum, a moderator will contact and shall help you to close your services
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Hello Olesia,

Thanks for your message. You can stop your contracts, thats no problem. I ask you to send me a private message with the date you leave the house, the meterreadings and your new adres.