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Usage Difference between toon app on mobile phone and toon app on tablet

  • 12 juni 2016
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I bought the slimme stekker to find why my electricity usage is very high.
I connected my refrigerator via the stekker.
The toon app on my iphone via the day graph shows 2.5 kwh, but on the ipad app it shows .82 kwh,
I suspect the ipad app is incorrect.

Sorry for this in english, i read dutch with no problems but write is very badly

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4 Reacties

Then you must delete the App Toon op Afstand on your iPhone and install it again.
Reinstalled both apps now they display the same values.


Much obliged!!
Whilst the problem was resolved yesterday, when i looked today on the ipad version of the toon app the day value for the stekker in the day graph was low but the stekker vandaag value was correct. If I reinstalled the ipad app it displayed correctly again.

I think the ipad app has some bugs concerning graphing of the usage of the slimme
Stekkers. This defeats the purpose of using the sliime stekker to monitor usage.

I also have the belkin/wemo insight switch . Whilst this does not graph the usage, can export an excel sheet to my email daily showing the usage per 30 mins of the last day and the daily usage for the past 45 days. It is larger than the toon slimme stekker , but can be time programed and has other functionality like notifying me when usage starts or stops. Unfortunately it cannot be seen by toon.
It can however be voice controlled by amazon echo. So i willuse it instead of the toon slimme stekker