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Cannot register at MijnEneco

  • 23 augustus 2019
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I am trying to create an account for Mijn Eneco, but the system tells me I am not a client. I tried following all the instructions, on my laptop and phone, and nothing seems to work. I have checked the tutorial in this forum but didn't help. I am a new client.

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Welcome to Eneco and our Community, @Jaime !

I can see your registration! it will take at least one day for the contracts to be finalised.
It may take just a little longer for everything to be set and to be able to make an account and use Mijn Eneco. I suggest trying it again on Monday.

Please let me know if you have any trouble registering then.

Best, Vincent
@VincentN Thank you very much for your reply. Unfortunately I still cannot register, I receive the same message saying 'Je kunt nog niet inloggen'. I find it very strange given that I have received (and paid) the first monthly bill. The system was actually telling me to go to Mijn Eneco to check the payments but I cannot access it...
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Thanks for getting back on this, Jaime!

I'm sorry to read nothing has helped yet.

I've just tried fulfilling step one through;
The system does seem to recognise your email.
Have you been able to set a password allready? That should be step two...

Maybe you could try a different browser as well, that may help!

Thanks again for the follow up, I really appreciate it. I have tried Firefox and Edge, and Chrome on my phone. Result is always the same

On the website you mention, I tried two things

1) I write a random username and click Volgende. Then I am asked for my e-mail.
2) I write my e-mail and I am asked for a password.
2.1) I presume my password is already set because I have tried using two different passwords, and when using the 'wrong' one I just receive a message saying that the password is not valid.
2.2) I cannot use the 'recover password' option because the system says I have not registered

When I introduce the 'right' password, I get the

Je kunt nog niet inloggen

Mijn Eneco is voor klanten die stroom, gas of stadswarmte van ons ontvangen. Zodra je één of meerdere van deze producten geleverd krijgt, kun je Mijn Eneco gebruiken. Kom je dan weer terug?

I am usually good with computers and I am actually quite confused about how the system works. It is as if I am, and I am not, in the system at the same time :S. Should I contact
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No doubt to your computer skills, Jaime!

You have taken all the right steps. Sending a message to that email is fine but it may take some time before receiving a reply.
We are working hard on a new app for Mijn Eneco!

Is there something I can be of service with, that you are looking for on Mijn Eneco, in the meantime?
@VincentN Thanks! I got access to Mijn Eneco today, but something even stranger happened. I received a second contract today. The second contract has no Klantnummer on it, but has a lower monthly payment. Could you tell me what happened?
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Oh, nice that it finally works!

I see a second set of contracts indeed. It seems you have applied twice, once by phone and once through our (or a) website.
Is that possible?

I applied through the website on August 15th. On August 22nd I called Eneco to check why I hadn't received my contract (the confirmation e-mail says I should get it in 24h). They told me that someone had cancelled my contract and that they had to create a new one. I got the new one in a matter of 10 minutes, and the monthly payment I got was from the new one (which strangely was way higher).

Is there a way to remove the duplication? Obviously I don't want to pay two subscriptions per month, and I am a bit surprised your system can handle two contracts for the same address.
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Hi, Bianca here.

I have deleted the duplicate request! Indeed, there cannot be a two notification. One application replaces the other. But that is now solved.

The difference in the amount also depends on the consumption with which the estimate is made. The application online was made with a consumption of 1100 kwh in the normal rate, 1100 kwh in the off-peak rate and 1700 kwh for re-delivery. For gas, 1150 m3 has been calculated. By telephone there was chosen for a consumption of 1100 kwh in the normal rate, 1100 kwh in the off-peak rate and no feed-in. The gas consumption is at 1700 m3.

Can you indicate what is right?

Best, Bianca
@Biancaa Thank you very much for your help.

My house has 15x300W solar panels, but I don't know what the annual re-delivery is. The Eneco online application portal said that if I didn't know the number I should fill 1700.

The previous owners were Eneco customers (that's why I chose Eneco) so maybe in your database you have the right number for the re-delivery.

Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it.
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No thanks, that's what we are for!

That's a nice number of panels. Then you can certainly assume 1700 kwh. Due to privacy rules I am not allowed to see how much the previous residents returned.

Your installment amount is now somewhat on the high side. Do you want to leave it on this or will I adjust it for you?

Thanks a lot for the prompt reply. Please adjust my monthly payments accordingly, now they do seem too high for a single person.
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Hi @Jaime , Vincent here again.

I adjusted the consumption amounts and due to that the monthly payments have lowered.
You will receive a confirmation by email.
Thank you very much, @VincentN . I saw the changes already in Mijn Eneco. Thanks for your support these days, you have been very effective.
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That's nice to hear!

You're very welcome, please don' t hesitate to get back to us here if you have any questions.

Best, Vincent