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Pass meter reading

  • 9 juli 2019
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Hi I wish to pass the meter reading, however it showed error when I tried to do it online, is there any other way to do it?

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Hi @chungchikuan ,

Welcome on our Community!

What is the nature for the passing of the readings?
You have recently started living on this location? These should be the starting readings?

Best, Vincent
Hi Vincent,

Yes I just moved there and started a new contract. The location is a newly built building.
hi @VincentN could you help me with this? Thanks
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@chungchikuan thank you for your patience . I see we already have meter readings from 14-06-2019, that's the start of your contract with us. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
@Erica thank you. But I have not passed the reading to you successfully, how did you get the reading? Are the number correct? Thanks
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@chungchikuan please send me al your meter readings so I can check them for you 🙂 I thing we estimated them because you're a month late now. Please give us the readings from 14-6-2019.
@Erica Thanks, please see the pic

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Can you upload them as individual pictures so we can zoom in?

Best, Denise
@DeniseMR Thanks

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Thanks, your meterreadings have been registered!

Best, Denise