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Original bill was too high unable to sign into mijn eneco to change

  • 30 juli 2019
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I was with Eneco heating for a short time as I am leaving the country in August. I have already canceled my account and am awaiting my final bill. The only bill I have received a date was an estimate bill of € 132 which was definitely incorrect as the heaters have never been used in my apartment so I requested this money be returned. I have been contacting Eneco since multiple times to try and fix this issue.

I have just received an email saying failure to pay the incorrect estimate amount or € 132 will result in a € 40 fine. The email then directs me to ijn eneco to pay where I am met with an error 500 page "We have a head wind". I have previously raised this issue and were told system admins will look into it.

I understand I will have to pay a final bill but there is no possible way it is € 132 and on top of this you are asking me to pay a € 40 fine through mijn eneco which does not work correctly.

Can this be looked into please.


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Hi @colmpatricklehane !

Thanks for your message. I am happy to explain how it works!

If you become a customer, we assume that this is for a longer period of time. We then calculate a installment amount based on historical consumption. You do not pay what you use per month, but an average amount for a whole year. As a result, you probably pay more than necessary in the summer and less in the winter.

Because you cancel your contract after a short time, there is a good chance that you will get your money back. Everything that you have paid too much, you just get back. We settle this on the final invoice.

Is this so clear to you? I want to reverse the extra collection costs for you, but I cannot change the installment amounts. I now assume that you will get a large part of this back.

Greetings, Bianca
Thanks for your reply @Biancaa So I just wait for the final invoice then?
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@colmpatricklehane Not entirely, the note from June is still open. I remitted the reminder costs for this, but the bill itself must be paid.

Your contract will stop in 2 weeks. Then we prepare the final invoice and you will receive everything that is overpaid from us.

Is that going to work?