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Koude radiatoren

  • 10 oktober 2017
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Hello in the bedroom where we sleep and in the living room radiator does not work and it is cold. In other places normally works only in those two places not. Think of the key to the radiator to get the air out of the radiator. Please help me. I reported it in Woonbron but they did not care and they gave it to you.

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@ M. Macha

Most welcome on our forum!

Sorry to say that you are wrongly sent to us for the problem with your radiator. We only take care of the administration part. Also you don't have a contract for your central heating system with Eneco.
I advise you to turn to Woonbron again or turn to a heating technician. You can also buy a radiationkey and let the air out, that's a pretty simple act.

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