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Underfloor heating -high consumption - inlet water at low temperature

Hello. After a long analysis made by the landlord and an independent company, the strange thing happening in my partment is that hot water supplied by Eneco has a big oscillation from 35C up to 54C. When the hot water is at 50C, the heating system works very well and the heating consumption is very acceptable. But when the entering water temperature drop to 35C, the consumption is very high and the heating system is not capable to keep the temperature inside my apartment. At low temperature (~35C), the system is working much more time trying to keep the temperature, but it seems that I'm also paying the same price for hot water (54C) and "cold water" (35C). I think it is not OK.

I have received this year a huge bill from Eneco and it seems that I'll receive again this huge bill because, as I have said, the water temperature provided by Eneco has a big temperature oscillation and the consumption righ now is very high as well.

My question is to whom I need to explain this situation inside Eneco and how ?

I have tried to contact the technical support from Eneco but no solution so far. According to them, Eneco has a system that controls the water temperature supplied by us according the environmental temperature. The problem is that even during very cold days (~0C or negative), the oscillation in the water temperature provide by Eneco is the same, or within 34C up to 54C.

This is a discussion started in 2015 and still not solved. I also confirmed with neighbors and they are struggling to have it solved since 2013. Every winter is the same situation.

Could you please let me know if you have any idea how to solve this issue within Eneco?

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@A. Cantagalli

Welcome to our forum.

Thank you for your detailed story. I see in your data that my colleague Mike has taken up this for you. He has asked the responsible department if they want to contact you about your problem.
We must wait and then we may take further action for you. It seems reasonable that someone comes to your home.

So please wait untill we make contact with you.

Regards, Erica



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