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I would like to terminate my contract

  • 8 oktober 2019
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Hi, i want to terminate my contract with Eneco. Can I do it online?

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Hi @Javigh ,

Welcome on our Community!

It is very well possible to stop your contract online.

Are you moving to a new home, or maybe switching supplier?

Best, Vincent
Thanks! I am switching supplier
I am also moving to a new home
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Thank you for the quick response, @Javigh .

In that case I would advise calling our clientservice.

Moving and switching at the same time can be a bit of a hassle.
My suggestion is stopping the current contract with Eneco by the date that you will be handing in the keys to the old house. Apply with the new supplier by the date you get handed the keys to your new home.

You can reach us through; 088 - 895 5955 (usual costs).

Good luck with the move and I hope you have a great time in your new house.

Best, Vincent
Thanks Vincent!
Actually i already got a new supplier.
So I just want to cancel my contract with Eneco. Can you arrange that?
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The new supplier strat the delivery for the new home I assume?
We have nog received a message concerning the old home.

Could you please specify on what date you will be handing in the keys?
Correct. The new supplier already started the delivery at the new house.
We need to hand over the keys of the current house on thursday 10 oct.
Hi, so can you please go ahead and cancel my contract from tomorrow Thgursday 10 Oct?
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@Javigh I've terminated the contract per tomorrow. Please make sure we receive the meterreadings from the 10th of October. You'll receive a request to do so. The final invoice will be send within 6 weeks by e-mail. Thanks for being a client at Eneco and hopefully we see you again in the future! 🙂