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Eneco messed up my contracts on my new address

  • 23 maart 2019
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Can someone from Eneco solve the problem which was created by your colleagues?

I have made verhuizing from one address to another. Since there is no gas at the new address then gas contract should be cancelled automatically without any penalty.

However i decided to keep the electricity contract from Eneco at my new address.

What you colleague did is they issued a final Nota in which they cancelled (!) my electricity contract and issue a penalty for EUR50 for this. And they kept (!) the Gas contract even though there is no gas in the new apartment, and i dont need a gas!!!

They messed up completely the verhuzing and now i have to sort out the problem by myself, since now i am sitting with gas contract which i dont need, and no electricity contract which i still need, but which Eneco cancelled and on top of that issue a penalty.

How is that possible?
I have all emails about verhuzing which clearly shows that i kept electricity contracts and gas contract is not needed in the new address.

On top of all i am also sitting without warmte contract. When i made verhuizing via Eneco web-site i chose the option to have warmte contract from Eneco. But in the verhuizing confirmation email it is stated that i dont want a warmte from Eneco. How is that possible???

Can someone look at this case asap?
you will find the customer number under my profile.

Thanks in advance

kind regards

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@Aslan thank you for your message. I'm so sorry to read that we messed up your wishes regarding your new home. Because you wrote to us last saturday and you already contacted us today, I wonder whether there are any uncertainties left regarding your complaint. Please let me know!
@Aslan thank you for your message. I'm so sorry to read that we messed up your wishes regarding your new home. Because you wrote to us last saturday and you already contacted us today, I wonder whether there are any uncertainties left regarding your complaint. Please let me know!

Good evening,
I have spoken today with your colleague at Eneco, and now i need to wait and see if and when i will get refund of EUR50 penalty, and also End nota for gas contract.
Also your colleague made a contract for electricity and heating for a new address.
I hope now everything will go well.
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@Aslan it's good to read that my colleague took action. I also did some research and I think it's important to explain what exactly happened.

You signed a contract with us in September 2018. The choice fell on a 1-year contract for gas and electricity with €130,- cashback. You submitted your relocation on the 18th of February 2019 and then a misunderstanding arose about whether or not heat and / or gas could be supplied. This was clarified on the 25th of February and it turns out to be about the supply of heat. That means that only electricity can be taken to the new home. Gas will be canceled as of today.

Electricity should have been transferred to your new address. Unfortunately this could never be achieved by us because the new resident at your old address had already registered for electricity. Only one connection can be requested per address. For you, this meant that electricity was forced out of service on the 25th of February. That is why you received a final invoice and a fine for breach of contract. This amount has now been credited and you will receive it in your account within 10 days.

A final bill will also follow for gas. Of course, no penalty is charged for canceling this contract. The supply of electricity and heat will start at your new address on Monday the first of April 2019.

I have noticed that the discount of €130,- as mentioned in the first paragraph has been canceled. Partly rightly so because you cannot purchase the gas contract for one full year, as contractually established in September. With the contract for electricity, this could have been the case if it had not been forced out by the new residents. For that reason and to compensate for this experience, I still like to offer you half of the cashback. This is €65,-. I ensure that you receive this discount on your next annual bill. Please let me know what you think of this proposal 🙂
Good day,
thank you for above explanation.
Still few things are not clear to me.
  1. ) Indeed we moved out from our old address on 25.02.19.
But we informed Eneco on 18.02.2019 that we would like to take our existing contract for electricity to a new address, but from 01.04.2019.
So basically, We submitted to Eneco our "verhuizing" plans before the new residents at old address applied for the electricity contract. We submitted on 18.02.19 and new residents at old address only applied on 25.02.19

2) We received a new contract for electricity and stadsverwarming for new address. But the new contract for electricity has higher tariffs than our old contract. I think it is because your colleague issued a new contract for Variable tariffs. We would like to have our old tariffs, since we informed Eneco on time about our verhuizing plans. We even have automatic email confirmation from Eneco that they received our verhuizing application.
Can you pls help to arrange to change the tariffs to the old ones which we had before? Because technically this should have been the transfer of the old contract, and not the issuance of the new contract?

3) We are ok for cashback of EUR65. Can you please let us know when next annual bill will be issued?

Many thanks
Good day,
had a call today with Eneco customer service.
seems all is solved now.
they will change variable contract to a 1 year fixed with old tariffs and will also give 65 euro discount for electricity in year end nota.

many thanks for help.

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Hi @Aslan ,

Thank you for informing us. Happy to read it has been settled.
Please do keep us updated if needed.

Best, Vincent