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Kookgas - contract

I got a letter from my energy network provider, Stedin, which says, that I need to make a contract for 'KOOKGAS'.
I paid the heating costs included in my service costs, and I used induction cooktop for cooking. So I don't need a Kookgas at all. And I don't have personal gas meter.

So my question is
1) why do I need to pay Kookgas for nothing? I don't use it at all.
2) If I have to make a gas contract, how much should I pay per month? I knew EAN obtained from landlord.

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Hi @J. Hwang,

Thanks for your question and welcome to the Eneco forum! I'm happy to inform you.

On the adress there's a connection to use gas, that also simply explains why your regional network provider has sent you this letter.

As long as the connection is not sealed, it's mandatory to subscribe for an energy contract as well. 'Kookgas' is solely meant for cooking.

It comes with an fixed usage of 65 cubic metres per year, round about 100 euro's for annual costs.

You've also explained you would prefer not to make use of this product. In that case you can consider having the connection sealed, where your position as a tenant or house owner may also be of influence.

Do not hesitate to ask any further questions!
Thanks for the answer. I cannot seal the gas connection so I should make a gas contract.
Is there any kind of such contract that you mentioned (fixed usage of 65 cubic metres per year, round about 100 euro's for annual costs)? If I simulate the annual gas costs for 65m3 on the Eneco website, the price is 294.72 euro per year.
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Hi @J. Hwang,

Thanks for your reply. You can subscribe for Kookgas by calling us at 088 - 89 55 955 (at your regular costs). Since this is not the same product as 'regular' gas, it differs in costs when you calculate this by our website.

In other words, Kookgas is cheaper as you've noticed on our website.

The fixed costs I've mentioned are based upon recent years, for the most part these costs are determined by the network provider. The energy company, us in this case, charges you on behalf of the grid operator and for instance taxes on behalf of the government.

Hold on to the mentioned costs as a guideline, the exact price will be settled on your yearly invoice.



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