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I would like to terminate my contract

  • 4 december 2017
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I recently moved to another country and I need to cancel my contract with Eneco. Is it possible to do this online? I couldn't find where to do it in the website.


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@Martin B.

Thank you for your question. I can terminate the contract for you. You've already moved so I can end the contract per today?

Kind regards, Erica
Hi Erica,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, if you can terminate it today it would be great.

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Hi @Martin B,

Thanks for answering, we've terminated the contract and we'll send you a request by mail to fill in your final meterreadings.. After we've received these final readings, we'll make your final invoice. Within six weeks this will be send to you by mail as well after which all is settled. Feel free to ask if there are any questions remaining.