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Cancel contract

  • 17 januari 2019
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I'm moving out of my house on Friday 25/1, Kleine Butjestraat 2, 9712EX. Client number [removed].

I need to stop my contract. Can you help me?

I know I will have to pay a penalty. As for the annual statement, how does it work? Since I'm not completing the year, but I paid extra for the warmer months.


7 Reacties

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Hi Marco,

I've removed your clientnumber from your message. That's personal informatio!

Will you require delivery of energy in your new home as well?
If so, coulf you please also send me the postcode and housenumber of that location and the date you will receive the keys?

Best, Vincent
The place I'm going to move into is going to all inclusive in the rent, therefore I won't need a contract.
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Thanks for clearing that up!

I just canceled your contract from January 25th onwards. You will receive a request to send us the readings and based on that we will make a final invoice for you.

Best of luck in your new home, Marco!
Thank you very much!!! Very helpful!!
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You're very welcome!
Good day
i want to cancel my contract with ENECO.
I will be leaving my apartment on the 13th April 2019.

Can you please advise what I need to do & where I am supposed to send my meter readings?
is it possible to set a cancellation date from now - as i will be moving abroad

thank you
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Welcome to the Eneco Community!

My colleagues allready processed your cancellation today and send you a confirmation e-mail. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask here.

Good luck with the move!

Best, Denise