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Cancel contract

  • 19 oktober 2018
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i want to cancel my contract renewment because i will be switching to another company. my old contract is finished and at first i thought to renew it, but after thinking it through, i don't want to. i have 2 weeks to cancel the renewment without paying a fine, correct?

Beste antwoord door Brandje 19 oktober 2018, 09:30

The last page of your contract can be used to cancel your contract. You have in deed a fortnight for a free cancel.
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Well, in writing it gets more difficult then it would go in having a talk about it.
Previously I didnt know that you could carry the contract to a new address, having learned it from your previous answer to me I understand that it is possible. However I dont have yet an address, most likely I will get one in the next few weeks. You mention for invoicing about 6 weeks, by then I shall have a new address.
That's the reason why I have asked for some more explanation regarding the conditions with or without a new address.
Could you please let me know of the lapse time until a new address could be presented under the same contract?
Thanks and best regards
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Thanks for getting back so soon while away.

The reason I ask about a new location is that there is a fine involved if I abrubtly end the contracts now, without a new adress. This is also likely the reason why you couldn't go further on our website.

Is there a chance a new location will be known any time soon?

As you have a smart meter, the readings will be sent automaticaly for the final invoice. No trouble with sending us the readings yourself 😉
Dear Vincent,
Thanks for your reply however it is not clear to me what I have done to be fined, apart from selling my flat and moving out which results in cancelling the contract??!! I would very much appreciate if you could please explain the procedure how to end an electric contract with you, under the conditions with or without a new address in the Netherlands.
Thanks and best regards
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In May 2017 you have chosen a 3 year contract for electricity, this contract ends in May 2020.
By stopping this contract before the end date a fine will be billed. At this moment it's a fine of €50.

I have now ended the contract for you, we will receive the readings through the smart meter and you can expect the final invoice within 6 weeks.
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Energy contracts are bound to you personaly, not to the location. Hence you can carry that contract.
There's a reasonable periode of 4 months where you can still carry the contract. If needed we can still see what the possibilities are if that periode needs to be extended.
Thanks for this answer. Indeed my understanding was that you cancel all your contracts on your address when moving out. Now this being clarified, I can present a new address in September or latest by October, which is early in your 4 months contract carry period.
What is your advice and the procedure at this condition?
Best regards
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As soon as you have concrete information about a date when you will receive the keys for the new home please contact us.
I suggest calling through; 088 - 895 5955 (usual costs).

Feel free to inform yourself here on the Community if needed.
I will do that. Thanks!
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You're very welcome.

Safe travels!
The last page of your contract can be used to cancel your contract. You have in deed a fortnight for a free cancel.
Hi there!! I need to cancel our Eneco contract by Sunday 31st March as we have to move out of our apartment!! The apartment address is Het Hoogt 239.
We are all separating so we also can not carry the contract over to a new address!

The client number is *verwijderd door moderator*

kind regards

Sophie and the Het Hoogt household
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@sophiemellor thank you for your message. I've deleted your clientnumber because your privacy isn't protected. To arrange your cancellation please call our customer service on the following number 088 - 8 955 955 (you only pay your usual calling costs). Because there is a technical challenge I can't help you with but my colleagues of our customer service can. Thank you!
Dear Eneco team,
As of today (26 August), my flat is sold therefore I would like to cancel my contract.
I have tried to follow the instructions on your website, however I cannot follow it in Dutch. For your information, I have made images of my meter (slim meter) and I can send them to you if you would give me an email address.
Would you be so kind to guide me through the procedure for contract cancellation.
Thanks and kind regards
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Hi @GDD_NL ,

Welcome on our Community!

I can help you with the cancelation of the current contract.
Will you be needing our services at a new location?

If so, could you please specifiy the location and startdate?

Best, Vincent
Dear Vincent
Many thanks for your fast reaction.
Presently I am abroad and I dont have yet another accommodation in the Netherlands. That's why I have captured the meter readings prior leaving. Below, please find them enclosed.
Best regards