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Activatiecode op mijn Toon

  • 12 februari 2019
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I have had Toon for 6 years now, initially I had the energy contract that came with it. After 4 years the energy contract it came with it ended and so the Toon subscription did (not sure why, I don't recall canceling it).

I have recently moved house and I re-installed the Toon. However, I accidentally did a factory reset and my activation code does not work anymore. Not only I lost my data but I cannot use the device anymore.

How can I get it my activation code to work again?

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Thanks for your post! I will send you the code through a private message. You can also order an abonnement here. The first three months are for free. When you do that you will get a new activation code, if you used the one I give you already.

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